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Award Winning Speak & Mail 2000:

Speak & Mail 2000 will notify you when new mail arrives by reading the message header and contents according to your preferences (Supports multiple email accounts). Speak & Mail 2000 enables your computer to "talk to you". You can listen to your e-mails, web pages, documents, help files or anything else you copy to the clipboard. Just keep the animated character on top of your desktop and click on it whenever you want it to read, plus a new feature that allows automatic reading from the clipboard when any new text is copied to the clipboard. Speak & Mail 2000 will bring your desktop to life by telling you jokes, sing, remind you of your appointments or just feel tired and sleep. In addition, Speak & Mail features voice recognition technology which can be used to launch applications, web sites, play some music, shut down, restart your computer or just reply. You can change voices and/or languages with the download of extra speech engines. Try it today and see for yourself how Speak can make your computer routines easier, faster and a lot more fun. 

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Speak & Mail 2000 has many new improvements:


Support For Multiple POP3 Email Accounts
Speak & Mail 2000 can now be configured to check for new email on multiple POP3 email accounts.


Hide Character When Not Talking
Speak & Mail 2000 can now be configured to hide the character after the character finishes talking. This will free your desktop space of the character when he is not talking.


Random Character Loading
Speak & Mail now has the ability to load a different character from a directory of characters each time it loads.


Missed Appointments Reminder
If you have an appointment which you missed which Speak & Mail was not loaded, and you load Speak & Mail 2000, it will show you a list of the missed appointments.


New User Interface
Speak & Mail has a new compact interface which has all the features you want in one window with multiple tabs.

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Speak & Mail 2000 Snap Shots
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Three Flavors of Speak:

Product Reminders Clipboard Reading Jokes Reading Text Files Voice Recognition Mail Notification and Reading
Speak Lite
Speak & Mail 2000

** Speak & Mail 2000 also supports multiple email accounts and missed appointments update and  much more...
* Voice Recognition may not work on all systems


Create Talking Web Pages With WebSpeak:

WebSpeak will give your web page life and make it much more fun. When someone visits your web page, a Microsoft Agent character pops out and starts talking. You can program the character to speak, or select an animation from many animations. WebSpeak is extra easy to use and no programming or coding knowledge necessary. WebSpeak will create the code for you. It's that simple.

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