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Speak Updates

Latest Speak version is 1.8.84
Release on July 7, 2003

Upgrade To Speak & Mail 2000 If you have Speak ($19.95)

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Download Update

This page only contains the update for Speak. You must have installed the full version of Speak before to use this update. If you have never installed Speak before, please download the full setup version

Installation Instructions:


Download the ZIP file below.


Make sure you close Speak before applying the update.


Unzip the contents of the zip file (speak.exe) to your speak directory. The directory name if left as default is "C:\Program Files\Speak".


You can now run Speak, and confirm you have the new version by going to the About menu and selecting "About Speak".

If you install the update and you get error messages stating that you are missing some files, please download the full setup version.


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