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Save Money and Bundle

Speak & Mail 2000 + WebSpeak
$39.95 ($10.00 Savings) - Order

What's New

New Characters Added - All Free
Kumi the Nurse, Imp, Pelotti the Cat and more.

All e-Clips Characters are now FREE!
Including Rebecca

Speak + WebSpeak
$29.95 ($10.00 Savings) - Order

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TalkyMail Current Price: $29.95 (US)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you register but don't get a response from me within 24 hours, please email me and send me your order information. I had many cases where the email address in the order form was wrong, and I couldn't contact the person. Sending me email would fix this problem.



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IMPORTANT NOTE: The following numbers are for ordering only! Any other inquiries should be sent to sales@shadisoft.com or by calling (902) 429-8869.


USA & Canada: 1-877-734-7638

bulletInternational: 770-319-2718
bulletPlease tell the operator that you would like to purchase any of the following:
bullet"TalkyMail", Product ID: 31149


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