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Installing Other Voices & Languages To Speak

I'm sure you are sick of hearing the robotic voice that comes with Speak? Or would you like to hear your favorite character speak your own language? Now you can install more real voices including a female voice and choose from many languages.  All you need is the new Speak & Mail 2000 (or Speak) that supports multiple speech engines. 

What's New in The New Version?

Download one of the following new versions


Download Speak & Mail 2000


Download Speak

Note: If you are a registered user, download the version that you purchased so that your registration key still applies.

Free Language Speech Engines

bulletAll of our products (except WebSpeak) now can support all the languages below:

British English - Dutch - French - German - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish


The languages are easy to install, and you can install as many languages as you want and change them easily by just selecting the language you wish from the voices drop down list in Speak.


Please email us if you have any questions. Fill out our Technical Support Form


Engine Size

American English

Download I.0 MB
British English Download 2.5 MB
Dutch Download 2.6 MB
French Download 2.2 MB
German Download 2.2 MB
Italian Download 2.0 MB
Japanese Download 3.0 MB
Korean Download 3.0 MB
Portuguese (Brazilian) Download 2.4 MB
Russian Download 2.9 MB
Spanish Download 2.4 MB

Just download the engine, run the file you download by double clicking on it and then restart and you should see the language in the drop down list in Speak when you run it after restarting.


You can order a CD with all the above Languages, as well as extra voices, and all the 7 free characters. [ More Details ]

Note: Singing might not work well for these speech engines

Free English Voices

Download any of the following voices


Female Voice - Mary (Engligh)
(msttsf22l.exe - 2.3MB - Great to use with Rebecca Character)


Male Voice - Mike (Engligh)
(msttsm22l.exe - 2.4MB)


Male Voice - Sam (Engligh)
(msttss22l.exe - 2.1MB)

Note: Singing might not work well for these speech engines

Get All Voices, Languages, Free Characters on CD!
Also all our trial software for your convenience.

Only $19.95 - Order NOW - Detailed CD Contents

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