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What Can WebSpeak Do?

If you've never downloaded or installed Microsoft Agent before, you will be prompted to download and install Microsoft Agent. Please accept when your browser asks you to install Microsoft Agent. It may take a few minutes the first time depending on your internet speed.

You need to have Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher (Or any browser that support the ActiveX technology) to view this page.

Note for Windows XP users: Microsoft Agent uses SAPI 4.0 to provide speech services. Windows XP however now ships with SAPI 5.0 which does not provide backward compatibility support for its predecessor. Fortunately, SAPI 4.0 and SAPI 5.0 can co-exist together on the same Windows XP computer, but it will not work automatically, you must download and install SAPI 4, and then L&H Speech Engine for this page to work. This would work automatically in all other Windows.

When the script created by web speak finds out that the visitor doesn't have the component (Microsoft Agent) installed, it will install it automatically.

This page is created using WebSpeak. There is no need to know any programming languages for you to use WebSpeak.


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The following is a screen shot of the script running now:

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